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GitLab is an open-source git-based collaboration tool for developers, managers, and designers. GitLab unifies issues, code reviews, CI into a single UI. 

It’s an open-source product and all the company processes are built around it. The company uses the “Conversational Development” methodology which is the next step in the evolution of Agile. In GitLab, all the issues are completely open, and every potential stakeholder (a manager, a company employee, GitLab users, developers from the community)  can give feedback on any state of the running dev cycle - real-time feedback. Everything is built on understanding the users' problems and finding optimal solutions to these problems throughout every development cycle (1 month long).

My Role

I was one of the 2 first designers in the company. The current product version visual style and UX are based on the designs and suggestions made by me and my ex-design colleague. Our shared responsibilities included: 

  • Resolving UX/UI issues assigned to milestones; 
  • Contributing ideas and solutions beyond existing issues;
  • Delivering visual language - a design system to be reused by the community;
  • Introducing the design culture to the open-source community;  
  • Constant and close collaboration with the product contributors. 

Final deliverables

Disclaimer: This project presents visual explorations, the detailed case study is available by request.

Milestones in GitLab are a way to track issues and merge requests created to achieve a broader goal in a certain period of time. Milestones allow you to organize issues and merge requests into a cohesive group, with an optional start date and an optional due date.


Issues and merge requests are the fundamental media for collaborating on ideas and shipping deliverables in GitLab. The GitLab issue tracker is an advanced tool for collaboratively developing ideas, solving problems, and planning work.


More layout designs and design system elements are showcased below.


Designed with love in San Francisco

Designed with love in San Francisco

Designed with love in San Francisco

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Let's chat. Say Hello!

Let's chat. Say Hello!