Fertility care that empowers the patient


It all started with three close friends: a frustrated fertility doctor, an embryologist and an engineer. Every day, they each witnessed the same sad reality and inconvenient truth. The experience of fertility care for the majority of women in America was extremely unpleasant. Patients were subject to long waiting lists, frequent clinic commutes, unforeseen costs and worst of all, inconsistent, poor quality care. The result? An industry with shockingly low success rates and an average of $45K invested to create a baby.

The team builds Sama in an attempt to change things up.  An I help them  to foster a world where women have the full freedom to build their families on their time and on their terms.



Sama's goal is to significantly simplify the process of locating, selecting, financing, and interacting with the necessary services, goods, and experts required to navigate one's fertility journey successfully.

The Sama team is dedicated to revolutionizing the field of fertility healthcare by utilizing a model that combines technology and human-centered care. Their primary objective is to offer individuals personalized and easily accessible care, exceptional value, and an inclusive team environment, irrespective of the patient's location. An effective communication is the central piece of remote healthcare services.

Messaging system

Secure messaging platform offered by Samal is designed to offer patients a convenient and efficient way to communicate with their fertility care team, without having to schedule an appointment or wait on hold on the phone.

Communication is asynchronous, which enables Sama providers to review patient information and respond to messages at their own convenience, allowing for more flexible communication and improved patient care.

This messaging platform operates on a per-issue system, which allows for higher engagement, faster issue resolution, and a more targeted approach. Additionally, every issue-based conversation is rated at the end, giving patients the opportunity to provide instant feedback on their care and ensure that all loose ends are tied up.


Applying visual design

Once I had received validation from at least 80% of our users, I started working on the visual aesthetics of the different components and elements. Below are the finalized designs for the Rule Builder and Eligibility view.


Designed with love in San Francisco

Designed with love in San Francisco

Designed with love in San Francisco

Let's chat. Say Hello!

Let's chat. Say Hello!

Let's chat. Say Hello!